Why is Infrastucture so Important? 

Other EHR systems use cheaper infrastructure to cut costs.  This leads to constant interruptions such as being logged off and having to log back in or refresh constantly.  It also leads to slow page loading and slow speeds in general, yielding a lot of dead time and frustrations.

Conversely, SilkOne EHR uses Fortune 100 level infrastructure.  We use the same level of service as banks, insurance companies, and credit card companies use.  So our system is fully secure, always fast and always online with no headaches.  

No one has time to deal with the inefficiency and constant frustrations caused by a poor EHR system.  Anyone who has used a cut-rate cloud EHR knows what we are talking about and understands the value of top flight infrastructure !!  


ICD-10 Ready with Easy Transition

SilkOne Makes ICD-10 Conversion and Use Very Easy... We Provide:

  • Organized list of ICD-10 codes.

  • Categorized by body region and function to make it easy to find the proper code.

  • Easily searchable for fast, efficient usage.

  • Auto-upgrade from ICD-9 with one click.

  • ICD-10 Ready claim submissions.

  • Support always available to help.

Our competitors spend their time and money on splashy ads and marketing. SilkOne focuses on our Product and Supporting our Clients. 

Have some questions? No problem. Your answers are one call away... 774.SILKONE (774.745.5663)