Compliant and Audit Protected

SilkOne is built to be compliant but also includes, at no extra charge, a full Compliance Version designed with Compliance Experts to Easily keep you complaint and protected from audit. It is designed specifically to cover all bases that insurance auditors and their computer algorithms look for to determine who to audit. Our Easy to Use Proprietary “Smart Technology” Keeps You 100% Compliant and Audit Protected, and will Increase Collections, Guaranteed.

In addition, all clients who choose to use our Free Compliance Module will be given a Free Compliance Consultation with a Compliance and Billing Expert (a $595 value) !!

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Here is how SilkOne Keeps You Compliant and Audit Protected:

  • It costs insurance companies a great deal of time and money to audit a practice. They are smart enough to choose the most vulnerable practices to audit, knowing they will get a good return on their investment. Our Easy to Use Comprehensive Compliance Enhancements follow all EHR rules for Meaningful Use and the bullet points insurance companies use to search for a vulnerable office. Insurance companies will not waste their time and money once they see how compliant your records are. They know there are plenty of other doctors they can go after for a much greater ROI.

  • To be Compliant you need to have the proper information on your History, Exam and MDM forms. Through the work of our Compliance Experts we have provided every necessary field in all forms. Our Proprietary Smart Technology makes it very quick and easy for you to fill them out properly.

  • History forms are Specially Designed and filled out by the patient online. The information auto-populates into the system, saving much staff time.

  • Proprietary "Smart Technology" auto-populates information from Intake and Exam forms in each step with one click, making the entire process quick and easy, with no wasted steps.

  • Increase Collections on All E&Ms and Exams--by using our simple to follow History, Exam and MDM forms you will be 100% compliant and able to bill for the highest level CPT codes for your exams (99205), and have the documentation to back it up.

  • Dr. fills out the MDM form in 2 minutes or less. This is the final and crucial step in the process of being compliant. This form is required yet 95% of doctors do not fill this out !! We make it quick, easy and compliant for you to fill this out.

  • Our system will then autoscore your exam to let you know the exact CPT code you can bill for (which will likely be a higher level exam code than you can currently bill for, instantly increasing you collections on all exams usually by 50%.)

  • SilkOne can help you with Correct Diagnosing, and the software will auto-order your diagnosis' for maximum reimbursement.

  • We will help you implement this Compliant Strategy.

  • Every new client that chooses to use our Compliance Module is given a Free Compliance Consultation by our contracted Compliance Experts. This is a $595 value but we give it to you free.


SilkOne is fully certified.  Below is our original Drummond Group certification, which is updated every year (lastest certificate available upon request).


Have some questions? No problem. Your answers are one call away... 774.SILKONE (774.745.5663)