Virtually All Industries Have Switched to Cloud Computing. What About Yours?

Don’t make the mistake of spending many thousands of dollars buying obsolete traditional, server-based software!

How a Web-Based EHR can benefit your practice

  • Buying a system outright actually results in more "cost of ownership" because the moment you buy any traditional software it is already obsolete and you have to keep spending more money to maintain it and update it.  Not to mention, you have to manage your own server, backup server, network, data backup and maintenance, plus pay for support.  This is in addition to the huge up front cost of buying or financing it.  And once you've bought it you are married to it.  You can't change your mind.  You are stuck with it.
  • The "hosting" or "cloud computing" model is the new "Gold Standard."  All major corporations have already converted or are in the process of converting, to the web-based model.  Corporations are all about the bottom-line, and the bottom-line is a lower cost of ownership and being headache free.  You never have to worry about doing back-ups or losing your data.
  • As we all know, technology changes very quickly.  When you buy traditional software you are stuck with it because of the large investment you must make.  Conversely, web-based software can change and adapt to any necessary changes literally on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis.  You will always have the most up to date software.
  • Everything we do in our lives now is "online", whether it is buying products, banking, filing taxes, paying bills, etc.  Companies even back-up their data online with web-based data centers.  Why would anyone in this day and age want to go backward and buy a client/server system?? 
  • SilkOne Chiropractic Software is fully certified for EHR stimulus money.  But even if you choose not to apply for the stimulus, "EHR meaningful use" is going to soon become mandatory and Medicare will start penalizing doctors on their claims.  As you know, once medicare starts doing this, all other insurance carriers will follow. 

Changing your office software can be one of your biggest and most stressful office decisions

We understand that until you try a Chiropractic software package you just don't know for sure if it is a good fit for you.  Once you buy traditional software there is no turning back... you are stuck with it !!  The same is true for most web-based companies, as most require a Huge Upfront Cost and/or minimum 1 year contract and complicated implementation and training.  SilkOne charges a reasonable complete set up fee which includes training forever, data transfer and set up with a free clearing house.  We then give the first month or more free so you can be sure you are happy with everything.  

SilkOne is so easy to learn and use that you will understand how to operate the entire system after 2 training sessions. You can be fully set up and go live in 2 weeks or less.  So no huge waste of time or money.  And we don't require any term contract.  If you don't like the system you quit at any time with no penalty and no hassles getting your data out.


We guarantee to never raise our fee ever. No other Chiropractic software company dares to make offers like this. We are that confident you will love it!
— Dr. Rick

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