ClearGage Financial Services is Fully Integrated with SilkOne

SilkOne has Negotiated Special Deals With ClearGage Financial to give you more Functionality and Convenience!

Free Credit Card Auto-post Service!

  • Cleargage will waive the set up fee for SilkOne clients !
  • Credit cards processed using ClearGage will Auto-post into SilkOne !
  • ClearGage guarantees to match or beat whatever rate you are now paying for your Merchant account credit card processing.  

So there is no cost to set you up and you will either pay the same or less than you are paying now.  The credit card payments will auto-post in the system saving staff from doing double work!

ClearGage Also Offers Other Sophisticated Services For Which SilkOne has Negotiated Special Pricing for Our Clients. 

  • With ClearGage patients will be able to make credit card or bank debit payments through a link on your website and the payments will auto-post into SilkOne.
  • ClearGage can legally store credit card information and can be set for scheduled auto-debits.
  • ClearGage offers uploads of custom made Care Plan templates.
  • ClearGage offers financing to pre-fund care plans with No Credit Check !!  Everyone qualifies and the financing fee is only 8%.
  • SilkOne has negotiated a reduction of the set up and monthly fee for all the above services!

Read More About ClearGage and their Services below 

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